Monday, January 7, 2013


Cutest Sheep Ever!

I haven't updated forever.  What's new.  Christmas was good.  Scott's sister, Christy and her family joined us.  I think it went well until the very end.  I definitely put my foot in my mouth and caused hurt feelings.  Hopefully someday I will learn to think before I speak.  Hopefully, I will be forgiven.

After that unfortunate event, we tried to spend some time with my family Christmas night ,as opposed to Christmas Eve.  However, Noelle has been struggling with extreme anxiety this month and she and I ended up coming back home.  Through her Lyme support system she has learned that the antibiotic she is on often causes emotional issues.  Her prayer is that she is clearing out the Lyme stashed in her brain!  Amen to that!

Sabrina tuckered out by Christmas.  The cute afghan is from Aunt Christy
and Scott's mom, Shirlee.  Shirlee started the blanket before she went to be with Jesus in
the fall of 2009.  Christy has worked so hard to finish this blanket for
Sabrina.  Also shown is Sabrina's American Girl doll.  That was her big gift
from us.  Maybe should have waited a year or two, time will tell.

Can't believe it is 2013!  Absolutely crazy.  We rang in the New Year with our besties, Matt and Elke.  I even got to play Jenga Truth or Dare.  Who knew there was such a thing!  I  learned my life hasn't been that boring;)

Jake is doing great at his job answering calls for Toro.  Perfect attendance in December.  It is great to see him take pride in his work.  He still loves to play Magic, the card game.

Noelle is having some days with less pain.  She has played a couple indoor soccer games.  Which, I think, simultaneously makes her feel normal and frustrates her because her performance is not where she wants it to be.  She generally has pain-filled days after she plays but feels it is worth it.  We are planning to schedule a half day of school for this semester. If all goes well she will start back to school next Monday for afternoons. Please pray for the scheduling process and pray especially for Noelle.  She is quite anxious since she hasn't attended school since September.

Teme is having a great wrestling season!  He will try to qualify for a state meet this Sunday in a regional event.  I got an email from his teacher today saying what a great attitude he had today!!  I can't imagine how hard it has been to take in everything he has had to learn and adjust to in the last two and a half years!

It looks like he may have wrestled the 5th/6th grade division in this tournament.
He is starting to wrestle mostly 7th/8th grade.

Then there is Sabrina.  Can I just say WOW!  She went back to school on Thursday.  Which was great because I needed back up.  I love you Miss Smits. I am helping in her classroom a couple hours a week which is great for both of us! We decided to take a break from gymnastics but she is still taking two hours of dance a week.  She loves Hip Hop. 

Gee if I don't ever get out a Christmas/New Years letter I will just have to use this.

Scott and I have had our ups and downs.  Marriage is tough.  Life is tough.  But man this weekend was great!  We have a favorite getaway place just 15 minutes away and Scott surprised me and took me away for the night.  We sooooo needed it!  Two are definitely better than one!!!!

So I think that updates you on the mess of our lives.  God is good.

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Paula said...

I think we have a lot in common... too bad we don't live near each other. I think about your Noelle all the time and have been praying for her and her struggle with Lyme's. That has to be a big stress for everyone.

The twins got new AG dolls too. :) Hope you and your family have a good year in 2013.