Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yeah, school!

That may not be the way Noelle is feeling, but she is going back to school tomorrow.  This will be the first time she has attended classes since October.  We decided to move Noelle back to her former school.  They have a great online program designed for students that need flexibility.  Her counselor is confident she will still be able to graduate next May.  Pretty awesome considering she has had to drop classes every year of high school.  The Plato program allows Noelle to work from home.  She only has to be at school for those classes on days when she has exams.  She is taking one "regular" class.  Her counselor was amazingly able to arrange that class so that Noelle has it with her good friend!  Pray that everything will go perfectly tomorrow.  Pray especially for Noelle's pain, anxiety and fatigue!!!  Thanks so much.

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Paula said...

That is great news!