Sunday, January 20, 2013

Changing the world

I want to change the world. I suppose I have, one life at a time. Sabrina's, Teme's, their families. The three kids we sponsor through Compassion International and World Vision. The youth kids I have tried to mentor over the years. But through the world of adoption I have been blessed enough to meet some amazing people who are changing the world lots of people at a time. Villages, see Children in Ethiopia living with AIDS, see And now my wonderful friend Brandi is spreading her wings.
She is devoting her time and energy to raising funds to come alongside organizations whose goal is to free those in slavery. All around the world people are involved in sex trafficking. They need to be rescued. Please take the time to check out her new site and consider coming along side those in this battle. I have met Brandi and spent time with her. I have known her for over five years now. I absolutely recommend her as and amazing and devoted women who will make a change!!

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