Thursday, May 16, 2013

Emotions running high!

First, the great news...Noelle was accepted to nursing camp! It begins June 10th. It is here in town at Allen Nursing School. It will be a lot for Noelle, physically, but she is so excited!

Along those lines, we need prayer tonight and tomorrow morning. Noelle is receiving a Picc line tomorrow. We decided the best way to really punch it to the Lyme this summer was to switch to IV antibiotics. The pharmacy just delivered her medication. She will receive a syringe of medications every 8 hours for about 8 weeks.

Our biggest prayer request is for Noelle's anxiety. It is absolutely raging!! Pray that the xanax that was prescribed will calm her sufficiently. Pray for super natural peace for both of us. Pray for a great nurse. Pray that everything goes perfectly! Pray that we have made a wise choice and the medicines work wonders. We so appreciate your prayers.

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