Saturday, May 18, 2013

We did it!!! Thanks so much for your prayers. Despite taking a decent amount of Xanax Noelle still had a lot of anxiety, and didn't sleep all day. However, they got everything in right the first time. And Noelle did not feel the line enter. And some other small things she was worried about worked out.

They did allow me to stay with Noelle. I was certain her anxiety could not handle it without me there. Honestly, not some god-complex...I am just her safety net:) The nurses were hesitant. Almost instantly I felt like passing out. I was begging God to take away the feeling. I made it through and instantly put my head between my legs. The nurses were helpful but I heard one of them say, "That's why we don't like family to stay." I just don't get the body's reaction. I did not watch anything. I did not think about what was happening. I just wanted to be there for Noelle. Why does that happen? Any science person know? Scott said it is a result of the built up anxiety about the event?! Certainly possible. Well, God didn't choose to take away the feeling until after they were done, but at least I didn't end up on the floor.

We have now done two infusions at home. I am not having any trouble with that. I think it makes Noelle a little uncomfortable, maybe quesy. Please continue to pray that she has no infections enter her line. Again, thanks for lifting us up.

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