Friday, February 14, 2014

Neurology Update

We saw Noelle's neurologist yesterday. First, we really like her. That is such a bonus. All tests done on Noelle's spinal fluid came back negative. Including Lyme, which means it has not hit her nerves. Having ruled out any scary reasons for the pressure, we are able to fly to Arizona! YEAH! Neither one of us were excited about a 26 hour drive. Our flights are booked for March 11th.

Noelle is still experiencing horrible headaches and vision issues. The neurologist said it will take time for her symptoms to improve. The medication used to reduce the fluid must be built up weekly until the maximum dose at four weeks. We just started week two. Hopefully this increase in medication will begin to ease her symptoms. We asked the neurologist about medications for her headaches and she recommended we go off all pain medications for her headaches as these can actually cause rebound headaches. It will be hard to have no course of action when the pain is overwhelming.

In other Lyme news...Noelle's Bartonella test, a co-infection of Lyme, came back negative. Which is actually kind of annoying. The testing is not very reliable. Noelle has multiple symptoms specific to this co-infection but insurance will not pay for treatment without a positive test. We have decided to wait to treat until we get to Arizona.

Noelle has continued to suffer extreme body pain. Please keep her in your prayers. Until we get to Arizona, we do not have a treatment plan.

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