Sunday, July 13, 2014

Best day EVER!

Friday, July 11th was my 48th birthday. One of my love languages is definitely gifts! So I have harassed Scott a little bit about the lack of acknowledgement last year on my birthday. This year made up for any lacking EVER:)

I woke up for an early morning potty run and returned to my bed to find a card and gift number one. I was barely awake enough to process it but Scott wanted me to know right away that he had planned everything, ahead of time.

For lunch the five of us (Jake is in Ames) went to lunch. I was greeted with two more gifts. A lovely Vera Bradley makeup bag from Noelle. And the greatest gift...EVER! (Sensing a theme here?!) Scott, with lots of help from Noelle got me tickets to see Cher in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously could not decide whether to pee or cry. Part of it is excitement for the concert and part of it is the complete surprise over the effort and the idea!! So nice to be loved.

Then Teme went to a friend's house and Noelle watched Sabrina while Scott and I got away for a whole 20 hours!! We had a couple's massage, dinner, overnight at a hotel, farmer's amazing!

Thank you Scott and Noelle for making my birthday so unbelieveably special. Love you both to the moon and back!

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