Thursday, July 10, 2014

More pain:(

I haven't updated on Noelle in a while. She is struggling with three major issues currently.

The most intense is pain associated with her period. Please pray for our decision making as we see the doctor today. It seems very possible that this is endometriosis. There have been links between Endometriosis and auto-immune diseases, like Lyme disease. The only way to verify this diagnosis is through laparoscopic surgery. During this procedure, if they find evidence of endometriosis an effort can be made to "clean it up". This procedure can help with the pain. Hard for me to believe that my daughter may have TWO different pain causing diseases that are difficult to control. Poor baby!

The second issue is weather fronts. We have had thunderstorm after thunderstorm. The changes in barometric pressure intensify Noelle's Lyme pain drastically. One of our biggest issues with her pain has always been finding pain relief. Nothing works. She allows herself to take an Oxycodone every three days at the most frequent. And even that, diminishes but does not take away her pain. Hopefully our weather will soon turn into a regular Iowa July, lots of sun.

Third remaining issue is with emotional struggles. There are situational responses and then there are days when she doesn't know where the crazy emotions are coming from. We will address this with her doctor today as well. I read an interesting article in Prevention magazine that talked about the impact of chronic inflammation on depression. This doctor suggests that using something like Celebrex along with an anti-depressant can yield better results. This idea is something I will be talking to the doctor about.

There are improvements since Arizona. Her leg pain is much improved. She has not used a wheelchair since sometime in Arizona. She has rarely had migraines since her treatment. Please pray with us for continued healing and answers to the above complications. As always, thank you so much for joining us in praying for Noelle's healing.

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