Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Crazy kids!

As I write (type) this, my kids are going nuts. What's new. Today I received an email copy of our home study. Very exciting. Now if I could just get my family in one place with someone to take a picture we would have everything done. Friday I was able to resend the I600A with a cashier's check! This week Donna will be back in the AoH office so possibly we will hear an affirmation of our application. On another note, Maxine, my friend's mom, did go to meet her Jesus. I know Sue will miss her so much, but how comforting to know she is at home. Sue said she pictures her dancing with her dad who passed away when she was fairly young. What a fun picture. Youth starts up tomorrow night. I am so looking forward to spending time with our "extended" family. We will be studying the Beatitudes in small group. It will be interesting what new information we can glean from this passage. Most likely new insights will come from the mouths of my girls.

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