Monday, April 28, 2008

Daniel Fast

I think I mentioned that I was embarking on the "Daniel fast". ( I did a partial fast for 21 days. There are so many reasons that it was a great experience. I learned a lot about health. I was able to concentrate on God and building our relationship. I really wanted to do both of those things before we brought our daughter home. When I thought about things I might want to change in my parenting a young child this time around, nutrition was a big one.

So, since I ended my fast I have been struggling with what foods to add back into my diet. I have surprisingly liked have vegetarian meals, but wasn't sure that I wanted to try and live a vegan lifestyle. For a week or two I have done so well, but this weekend I have just collapsed in my efforts. I haven't had pop yet, but I have had dessert and meat, though it was venison which is at least healthier.

I need to get back to my original desires. I also need ideas for snacks and drinks that are healthy. I am getting tired of just water, and I need my snacks. Especially when I am out and about, what do I eat and or drink? Any ideas?


Melodie said...

I'm pretty health conscious myself...these are some things that I like a lot, even when I do have the choice of something less healthy.

Drink lemonade instead of pop. There are good brands that you can buy (in powder) that actually do have real lemon in them. At home you could make some with lemon juice and use Spenda instead of sugar.

Have a lot of fruit and veggies around. Set them in your fridge already washed and/or pealed, in easy to grab bowls.

Eat lots of popcorn! You would be surprised at all the ways you can "dress" popcorn up. It can be sweet and cinnamon-y or spicy and hot. Online you can find recipes for flavored popcorn. Also, Chex Mix type snacks are things you can make at home. You can put just the parts you want inside, and add interesting things, like dried cranberries, for fun.

I hope this helps! I always like to see people making healthier eating choices since it really makes a big difference in all areas of your life.

Missy said...

Diane, I'm so happy to hear that your Daniel Fast was a success. I had the same struggles trying to figure out how to go off of it and still maintain some of the healthy habits I had gotten into while I was on it.

I recently got a new cookbook called Rosanna's Bananas and she suggested iced herbal teas sweetened with concentrated grape juice (organic if you can find it). I haven't tried it yet, but thought it sounded like a good idea.

Snacks are tough for me too. I do lots of popcorn popped in coconut oil with nutritional yeast and salt. It's very good. When I have a sweet tooth, I like apples of bananas with chuncky peanut butter or a handful of almonds and raisins. If I REALLY need something sweet, I'll add a handful of chocolate chips to the mix :o)

HTH, Missy