Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have been tagged!

Ok, so there are the rules. But I don't know how to post links with just the person's name. Maybe someone can comment and let me know how. Marisa,, tagged me. So here goes:

1. I collect, and use, eclectic and vintage purses. Unfortunately, because most of them are very old, they generally wear out long before I would like them to.

2. Many times a week I eat the same breakfast: Go lean crunch cereal, mixed with berries and yogurt from Moo Roo. (Way fun dairy tour if you are ever in Iowa!)

3. I like crossword puzzles and sudoku, and often do them before I go to sleep.

4. I am lactose intolerant and both our kids are fructose intolerant. I used to love to cook, but it has gotten much less fun with all of the restrictions!

5. I love to kayak!! It is so peaceful. The air smells good and the water feels good. We went for our anniversary this year on the Root River in Lanesboro (Minnesota). I really want to go in Northern Wisconsin near the Apostle Islands and on the east coast, maybe in Maine. I love to travel and there are very few places that I do not want to go.

6. I was never in drama "growing up". But as an adult, I have been in three plays at the local children's theater. "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse", "Bridge to Terabithia", and "Henry and Ramona". It is very fun to interact with the kids, and be someone else for awhile.

7. My husband and I met on a missions trip to the Fiji Islands with Teen Missions International.

I tag: Katie (, Dawn (, Julie (, Diane (, Amber (, Emily (, and Carolyn ( It is very funny to me that I have only met in person one of these people. I wish my sisters blogged, but they don't!

Side note: As I am sure you are all aware, the financial climate sucks! As some of you may not know, my husband is a financial advisor. We were brainstorming ways to cut back financially and he suggested the Internet. I said, "Sorry!" I will skip going out to eat, I will wash and iron tons of dress shirts, I will give up magazines, but I can't give up my email and blogs!


Carolyn T said...

I am gonna do this tag!! I have never done one! blog address is it says "twiceconfetti" lol...
Thanks for your awesome and encouraging words...ALWAYS!!

Clive & Dawn said...

game on!

amber said...

Great list -- I love tags. I'll try to get to mine sometime soon! :-)