Friday, October 3, 2008

No words

Our daughter's court date has been postponed due to a missing document. The document arrived yesterday, but apparently should have been there a week ago. Her new court date is October 30th. I cannot imagine what we will miss this month. I am just heartbroken and physically ill. I keep trying to remember that this is better than a denial. I keep trying to remember that God's timing is perfect. It doesn't feel perfect.


Erin and Keith Sager said...

Oh, I'm sorry you have to wait, but those weeks will go by quickly, she will be your arms be you know it. thinkin about you ...Erin

amber said...

I am so sorry, Diane. I don't know what to say, either. It seems so unfair -- you guys and S. have waited so long. But I DO know that God is good ALL the time and He knows the bigger picture even when we don't understand it.

I'll be praying for your next court date. Fervently.


jon and marisa said...

We are so sad with you.
Don't even know what to say . . .
we are praying for your family.