Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More birthdays!

You can tell we are all getting too old! I have no pictures for anyone else's birthday celebrations. Noelle turned 15 on May 28th. We took a bunch of girls down to Cedar Rapids for pizza, a teen dance club and an overnight. It was pretty fun, kind of interesting at times, and continues to live on as she met a boy there. Wow!

Jake turned 19 on June 17th. Mostly he just wanted cash. He left for a trip to Italy and Spain the next day. Poor guy! But we did celebrate with lunch at Newton's Cafe with Grandma and Grandpa and Franco. Franco and Jake ate the biggest tenderloin sandwiches you have ever seen and then couldn't manage to eat the fancy birthday cupcakes!

I turned 45 on July 11th. I celebrated with dinner at Montage with Mom and Dad and the family! Mom and Dad got my table refinished for me. Scott is sending the girls and I to Colorado to see Heasslers and meet our new nephew Hudson and our blogging buddy, Brandi!! And Jake and Noelle took Teme and Sabrina bowling and to Taco Johns so I had like two whole hours with the house to myself!!

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