Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teme Update

Teme has a very busy summer with Physical Therapy twice a week,
tutoring for over 3 hrs every week day and lots of swimming and biking!!
He is continuing to improve in walking with his prosthetic.
He is using either a cane or for short distances walking without assistance.
The goal is that he will be able to wear it all day for school in about six weeks.

A close up of the "bionic" leg and the shoes that Teme bought himself:)

Teme is loving his new bike. Brent helped us add stabilizing wheels.
The local bike shop wanted $200, I found these on Amazon for like $20.
We don't expect that he will need them much longer.
We also added toe clips to help him keep his leg on the pedal.
I think the biking is really helping to strenghen his legs and hips!

We took some photos for a photo album to send to Ethiopia with friends.
Teme wanted to flex, he certainly has some muscles!

Teme's "private" tutor, Mr. Worthley.
They meet from 10-12:00 each weekday.

Miss Mangrich, Teme's UNI tutor.
He meets with her from 8:15-9:30 each weekday.
He is working hard to learn to read.

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