Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ethiopia or Bust!

No, we are not adopting again:)  But, we did purchase six tickets for Ethiopia.  We will be travelling May 30 through June 14.  We are blessed to have our good friend, Daniel, serving as our liaison and travel guide.  Scott's partner and best friend, Brent, will be joining us as well.  We plan to see both Teme and Sabrina's birth families.  It will be the first time that Teme's family has seen him walk!  We hope to meet our World Vision sponsor child.  We hope to explore some ministry opportunities.  We have many prayer requests as we prepare.

1.  And definitely most important, that God would prepare each one of our hearts for the trip.  Noelle, especially, is not at all interested in making this trip.

2.  Specifically for Noelle's anxiety and migraines, that they would both be controlled in a supernatural way.

3.  That time with both birth families would rewarding for both sides.  That it would not be difficult for our kids to leave or heartbreaking for their birth families to see them go, again.

4.  That our time in Ethiopia would open our eyes to God's plans for each of us.  Selfishly, I especially want Noelle and Jake to be forever changed.  Both in relationship to our family and to our Savior.

5.  Safety.

6.  Daniel and Brent's families as they are away from home.

7.  That our family would experience a supernatural peace and patience with each other.

We appreciate your prayers and will most likely update our list as the time approaches.  Teme's United States passport arrived in the mail today:)  Also, I have an opportunity to visit Uganda in August with a very special friend.  Pray that it would be obvious if I should go and if anyone should accompany me.  I have invited Noelle, my sister, Karen and my long lost college roommate, Ann.

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