Friday, January 2, 2015

Health Update

Noelle is taking it day to day healthwise. So much better than a year ago, but not as healthy as she would like to be. In November and December she had multiple ultrasounds and scopes. The endometriosis specialist recommended we check out urology and gastro-intestinal options for her pelvic pain. We did discover that Noelle's gallbladder is operating at only 4%. The big risk is that if it drops to non-functioning it is a big risk for infection. So she will have her gallbladder removed at the end of January. While she is sedated her ob/gyn will also scope her bladder. There is a possibility that she has painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis.

Unfortunately, her botox treatments for migraines have continued to be denied by our insurance. We will be trying a second appeal. Please pray for favor. Noelle has big plans this summer. She will be travelling with Global Expeditions to South Africa and Zambia. So it is important that we get Noelle's symptoms as in control as possible before her

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