Friday, January 2, 2015


So amazing that Noelle completed 11 credits this semester so that she could graduate in 2014! Since she was unable to attend a Waterloo Schools ceremony, we held our own. Sue Flynn, (Scott's assistant, our friend and school board member), helped us to have a short ceremony. Noelle pranced to and from the podium. She said that she saw many tears but I had dry eyes. I was just so excited for her!

Noelle played recreational and competitive, indoor and outdoor soccer for many years until her health got in the way.

This display was all Noelle's idea. Her journey from patient to nursing student. She has been granted eary admission in to Allen nursing College. She will do two years at Hawkeye Community College. Then she will go to her reserved spot at Allen to continue on for her BSN.

The fancy pink mixer was a graduation gift from my parents. Noelle made gluten free Raspberry Cheesecake cupcakes for the open house. We also had Scratch cupcakes (her favorite before going gluten free) and yummy italian sodas. Uncle Curt and Uncle Mark were our bartenders.

It was a great day! And so deserved!


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