Thursday, January 29, 2015

Surgery tommorrow

Noelle's gallbladder surgery and bladder scope are tommorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. Specific prayer requests:

1. For two days Sabrina has been home with strep throat, 103 degree temperature last night. Please pray that I do not carry the infection to Noelle and that Sabrina is feeling well enough to go to school tommorrow so that Scott can come up to the hospital.

2. For wisdom for the doctors and anesthesiologist!

3. Laproscopy rather than open surgery!

4. Quick recovery.

5. That if something needs to be discovered in the bladder that it would be.

6. Protection as Noelle is put under for the third time in seven months.

7. Protection from anxiety especially since this procedure is scaring Noelle for some reason.

8. Grace from Noelle's professors.

9. That removal of the gallbladder would actually improve Noelle's pain/stomach upset.

I think that's it. Never fun to have someone you love require surgery. We so appreciate your prayers!

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