Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Down

At long last we have one major adoption decision made. Today I emailed (and mailed by postal service) a letter to Acres of Hope requesting the return of our dossier. We are no longer comfortable accepting a referral from their agency. We now need to decide where we will pursue our adoption. We are leaning toward Ethiopia.

We were originally intending to adopt from Ethiopia but got sidetracked to Liberia. As I pondered why this might have happened, I wondered if God needed to stretch us. Especially in the specifics of the child(ren) we would consider. Rather than only considering infants we have expanded our vision. Rather than only considering an only child we are tentatively seeking to be approved for two children in case God calls us to adopt a sibling set.

Today I called our social worker and left a message requesting that she update our home study to reflect the above changes, country and number of children. The other exciting thing is that at least one of my sister-in-laws is intending to pursue adoption from Ethiopia. Won't that be fun!

Okay, on a different topic. Noelle and I are in the final practices for the play "Henry and Ramona". She plays Ribsy the dog, and I play Mrs. Peabody, who apparently doesn't have a name in the books. The fun part is my costume. I have a gray wig, funky 50s glasses, a girdle, garter and stockings. My face will be aged, though we haven't had makeup yet. My role is so fun. I get to push kids around in a bathtub, get soaked during a dog fight, and watch my little girl be the best dog ever. I will post some pictures as soon as we have a practice in makeup!


Brandi said...

Yeah! I have to breathe a sigh of relief now! I'm so excited about the agencies you are looking into. . .I'm right alongside you doing some research for ya!

Love ya! Can't wait to see old lady Diane!


S and K said...

I too can't wait to see pics.
I am so praying for your adoption and understand your lack of comfort. Still must be disappointing though.
Can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do and can't wait to see who the Lord has for you!