Saturday, February 9, 2008

True love

I checked out Amber's blog today and was inspired. She and her hubby are celebrating their fifth anniversary and she posted some fun pictures. Our anniversary was back in August, but this will be our 21st Valentine's Day as a couple. Don't laugh too much, these pictures are from 1987! We were both 21 years old when we got married. We were ID'd at a champagne brunch at our hotel during our one night honeymoon in Des Moines, that's Iowa for all of you world travelers. We were married on Saturday and had to be back to school on Monday.
This is my family. I'm the oldest and these are my two sisters, Karen and Kathryn. (Kathy back then.) They are mom to four of my nieces and nephews. By the way, I am wearing the wedding dress that my mom was married in. My daughter says she is going to wear it too. I told her, if she does, her grandma and I are going to cry a river. Who am I kidding, I'll cry a river anyway!
This photo was that last of my "long hair". Scary! And check out the styling glasses. This was at our little rental house in Madison, WI. We had to find a place that would accept dogs. We were evicted from our townhouse after I got Scott a puppy for his birthday.
Taking a kissing break, the best part of any day together! I love you, Scott! XXXXOOOO!!


Brandi said...

oh my dear. . .I don't know what to say! I have to admit I was cracking up at the 80's pictures! too funny!!! Your dress was gorgeous though, and timeless too!

I especially love the one of you guys kissing on the log.. . .that wasn't posed was it?! ha ha!!!

Oh my. . thank you for posting those today!!!


amber said...

Oh my goodness! These are priceless!! Thanks for sharing them... you guys look so young and so in love.

What a great glimpse into your past. 21 years is a long time to be together! Congrats!


I tagged ya for five weird things! :)