Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chaos, anyone?

More donations! I believe we are up to 8 checked bags full of donations. The newest donations are medical supplies for the orphanages. Thank you so much Bob Greenwood at Greenwood Drug. I was so disappointed by the response of the other pharmacies I contacted. We will be changing our pharmacy! I need to say another big thank you to "The Women at the Well", my women's Bible study. For two weeks they have been blessing me (and the orphanages) with bags and bags of wonderful supplies! Thank you so much!!
What better time to remodel a bathroom and hallway. Opposite the red brick is our front door. So the project is definitely out of the way. The hallway is our room, Noelle's room, the main bathroom, and Sabrina's room.

This is the main bathroom right now. No toilet, no sinks. Yesterday 10:00 am as I am seriously starting to pursue my list of things to do I get a phone call from my husband. There are some minor issues with the remodel. All the way home I am praying, "Lord, please let his 'minor', be minor to me as well." Not so much! The bathtub had to be raised. They thought they were going to have to put a large hole in our sons closet. Yes, that's minor. The biggie was...the piece of furniture we intended to use as a vanity would be very difficult to use. Moving water pipes, etc. So off to Home Depot to pick out new vanities, mirrors and counter tops, ASAP. The Lord has provided and we were able to make those decisions. Unfortunately the bathroom remodel is now costing a little more.

Back to packing. I got up at 4:00 yesterday AM and made a pretty detailed list. I must say that despite the distractions yesterday, fantastic headway was made. Thanks Elke, for your help! Today I need to weigh all the bags and work on figuring out how to bring our personal items. Did I mention that Noelle is now going with us? We bought her a ticket on Monday. We are all pleased that she is able to go. Please pray for Jake as we are gone. He has a killer schedule. Two a day swim team practices, work at Target and a very tough college prep schedule. I barely got him up this morning. Pray that I would be able to balance encouragement, motivation, and what amounts to pressure in his eyes.

FOUR DAYS until I am holding the little one we have been pursuing for nine months!


Jillienne said...

Look at all of those donations! Wonderful! How did you pull it all together?

Have a safe trip, so exciting that you daughter can be with you!

Can't wait to see your pictures!


S and K said...

Though I haven't been commenting lately, I have been keeping up on your blog and I cannot tell you how excited I am for you to be able to hold your sweet, beautiful baby girl in mere days. Can you believe it? Is it surreal???

Anyway we are praying for you... me AND the kids, who get so excited when "cheeeldren" get to come home to their forever families!

Many blessings to you... oh, and I PROMISE I'll do my random things post soon!