Saturday, November 22, 2008


I cannot believe that in less than one hour we begin a journey that really began in April of 2007. People ask me how long the process has taken. In my mind that it is when it started; when we decided to adopt.

Without taking into account time changes (it's only 4:50 am), in approximately 24 hours we will be in Africa. In approximately 48 hours we will meet Sabrina. Though in my heart, I know and love her so much!

There is a car seat in my husband's car for the first time in probably 9 years. I can't remember when they actually get out of them. I should have taken a picture, it is so cute. It is pink and brown with flowers, funky not cutsie. (You can find it on The cheaper one not the one that costs $200+!) Noelle even got over the fact that it was pink. We were out in the dark last night trying to figure out how to install it. What's with the cool new latch system? Pretty sure my car doesn't have that. Oh, well. Also in our car are eight trunks full of supplies. Imagine this...we are traveling to Ethiopia with one carry on bag weighing less than fifteen pounds (each). Funny, in one way we are really travelling light but on the other hand...!

Specific prayer requests:
1. Baggage check. That they would be kind. We will be charged for our two extra bags. I don't know if there is any flexibility in that amount. We heard $180 per bag. I tried to weigh the bags, I got 45-51 pounds each. Pray that I was fairly accurate and that if the bags are slightly over 50 pounds that they would pass through any way, without extra charges.

2. Noelle's passport expires in January and has a horribly light photo. Pray that we do not get any hassles.

3. Pray for our first meeting with Sabrina. We hope to bring her back to the guest house with us but that is pretty scary, too. Check out where we are staying at

4. Pray for our schedule. It is very hard for me not to know ahead of time what we are doing each day. Pray that arrangements can be made for us to visit the two orphanages that we have brought all of the supplies for. Pray for us to be able to make it to a market to buy souvenirs. We are unable to take Sabrina with us to the market, due to new "rules" in country.

Well, my alarm just went off, so I suppose I better stop typing and start getting ready to leave. Thank you all for being such an important part of our journey!


Jen Wade said...

I came across your blog and emailed you months ago but found it again just in time to send you prayers! We are adopting Mekdes, who lives at KVI, Nazareth! I believe you are adopting the little girl that was on the dvd right before our daugther! We are awaiting a courtdate..praying for you and your family!

Jen Wade said...

I just ran across your blog again but had emailed you months ago! We are adopting Mekdes, a 9 yr old girl from KVI, Nazareth. I believe your daughter was on the dvd right before our daughter!
Sending you prayers! We are awaiting a courtdate! We are also going to stay at the Ethiopian Guest House so I cant wait to hear about your experience!