Monday, November 17, 2008

It's raining orphanage supplies!

Just two of the five or six trunks that we are taking to the orphanages in Ethiopia!

Saturday, my awesome friends hosted a shower for the orphanages. These are some of my small group girls from church. Say hi to Emily, Genae, Chelsea, Bree, Katie and Megan. Sunday night they came over and filled ziploc bags full of treats for the kids. They even drew on the bags and signed them. We included granola bars, cheese crackers, toothpaste, candy and a toy. We did either a ball, matchbox car, playdough or "bling".
These are the lovely ladies that threw the shower for us. Meet Billie, Angie and Elke. Sorry, about the closed eyes, Elke. I think there was more than one camera taking photos.
It was hard work checking out all the awesome things that were donated. Note the cute coral colored dress, you will probable see that on Sabrina sometime soon! Thanks, Deb!

Don't we look cute in our hats? I think the kids will probably look better. On the left side of the photo is my daughter's friend, Rachel. And then my daugher, Noelle. On the right side of the photo are my mom and one of my sisters, Karen. Thanks for making the drive, Karen. I missed you, Kat. We had an awesome time and I am so excited to take all of these things to the orphanages! Thanks again everyone!!

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Abby said...

I LOVE this! How exciting! You're so close to Sabrina...and oh man, how those kids are gonna love all that!