Saturday, October 20, 2007

Have patience!

Yeah! He's finally home from the hospital. The doctor did say that he shouldn't work for the next week. He wasn't very happy about that. And I 'm pretty nervous. Sometimes I just don't think that I am a good caretaker. I know I have some potential but for some reason when it is my husband I just want him to get better and the faster the better. I hope someone out there can relate. Sometimes I wonder what on earth I would do if something serious actually happened!!

I found this verse, I will be chanting: Colossians 1:11, "(I) also pray that (I) will be strengthened with HIS glorious power so that (I) will have all the patience and endurance (I) need."

Noelle is back on her feet though not 100%. They gave her another round of antibiotic and a steroid to clear her lungs. Apparently she did not actually have pneumonia just a very powerful virus.

Thanks for your prayers!


Brandi said...

Great verse! I think I need that as a tattoo somewhere!

PS. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is on "the mend" around your house!!!

amber said...

Glad to hear that your patients are doing better... I'll be praying for you all this week!!

j & m said...

So glad that Scott is home. We have been praying for you guys a lot lately. Jon called a couple days ago and got an update from Jake. What a stressfull time! Diane, I'm specifically praying for you as your "mama nurse" . . . how overwhelming!
Love & Prayers,