Thursday, October 18, 2007


I sit at my computer waiting for the kids to wake up. Praying that Noelle will feel better. She has spent the last seven days in bed. This alone would be challenging for me. I am not good at being housebound. But...Tuesday evening I took Scott to the ER and he was admitted with pneumonia. So I am back and forth between my two patients. Praise the Lord we live quite close to the hospital and my mom and dad live here. Noelle only wants me. That is always hard. I am convicted that you shouldn't leave a patient alone at the hospital, especially one that means the world to you! So my dad and Scott's wonderful friend, Brent, are sitting with him when I am at home with Noelle, and Jake. I have been tucking the kids in and then going to the hospital and spending the night with Scott. Then back to take them (hopefully) to school.

On the adoption front: before all this illness we had some news. We were fingerprinted on the 10th for our government preapproval. On the 12th we received an email from AoH that they had received a fax of our I171H approval. This timing is just unheard of . There are people that are waiting months for this approval. His email did raise a few questions for us as to if we wanted to change our adoption request to consider: older children, more than one, or special needs. To wait for an infant with little or no health problems, we will wait 6-12 months for a referral. Which Scott pointed out is not that long, but some days I do feel my age and Jake is already a sophomore. I will want him to have the opportunity to "bond" with his new sibling. Also, there is the consideration of: Do we want to be parents waiting for a child or parents adopting a waiting child??? Obviously we could probably meet a more pressing need. So pray for us as we seek which direction God would wish us to stretch. I had hoped to have had much time to pray and seek God about this with Scott. However, he has been rather uncommunicative for a few days. Something about his ribs hurting. God's timing is perfect!

Pray also that Jake and I do not get sick. That Scott improves today and does not get some scary staph infection in the hospital. ( I hate the news!) Pray especially for Noelle. That she would feel like herself today, both physically and emotionally. That she would feel motivated to go to school, for at least part of the day. (I am having a very hard time knowing when to push.)
Some days this blog really saves me, like today!


amber said...

Golly, you HAVE had a week! I'm sorry for the half of your family that is sick and will be praying the other half doesn't catch anything (and I'll pray for Scott's safety in the hospital! I know what you mean about hating the news -- sometimes ignorance is better than being worried when you can't do anything about it anyway!)

I hope you are able to get some rest tonight (all of you!, but especially you as you're really carrying the load for "nursing" your family)...

And, I so agree with you. God's timing is perfect! Sometimes we have to go through a longer process of being stretched slowly day by day so we can reach our maximum flexibilty!! (Speaking from experience here! I still feel like we are being stretched more and more every day! :)

Take care.

Brandi said...

Poor thing!!! I will totally be praying for your family's health and your sanity!

Definitely praying for wisdom and discernment on the adoption front. . .such hard decisions! He'll let let you know exactly what you should do.

Congrats on your I71H!!! amazing!