Monday, October 29, 2007

Not feeling too "deep" right now, but I wanted to give a quick update. Scott is feeling better, though still having trouble with a cough and lack of energy. This is hunting season, his favorite time of the year. Please pray with me that he will make wise choices. Noelle is back in school and is feeling close to 100%! PTL!! Jake is home today with a cough, hopefully he has not succumb to the same infection that they have had, since it is sooo long lasting. I continue to hold out. I did go get my flu shot hoping it will help me resist!

On the adoption front, we sent in the rest of our items on Thursday. Scott and I had a chance to talk. We decided to stick with one adoption at a time. Not saying for sure we want to adopt again, but we think for sure just one this time. We decided to expand our age range, up to three years old. Lastly, Scott did not feel comfortable expanding our requests to include special needs. If that is what God wants from us, I know that is what will happen. So now we are really waiting.

Yesterday was fun. Our church hosted a trunk or treat. People bring their cars and decorate them with a theme and coordinating costumes. My youth group girls and I always do a trunk. This year we were a rock band. So much fun! They had their electric guitars and drums and we all punked out our looks. They have enough musical talent that it was awesome! And I finally got my tattoos! Three of them, though unfortunately they are temporary. And pink hair. I forgot my camera but when I get a picture from someone else, I will be sure and share.

I should probably get out in my yard today and cut back some things and plant a few bulbs. Today should be pleasant and who knows what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy your day! Thank your Creator for all that is good!


amber said...

Congrats on your "officially waiting" status!! :)

And BE SURE to post that pic when you get it... wow! pink hair!!

Ginger said...

I love the way you make it sound like you're in control of the decisions surrounding this adoption. You're cracking me up!
We were walking by faith to adopt one - ended up adopted three. God provided almost $30K to fund the adoption and our age range started as 0-4. One of the kids we adopted was in that age range.
If you pursue a toddler, I highly recommend you read a lot of books on toddler adoption. The older kids we adopted had the smoothest, easiest transition.