Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What a great week!

I have been waiting to blog all week, because we had such a great weekend. But, I wanted to post pictures and my husband misplaced the memory card to our camera. Scary. I am trying not to panic. Saturday afternoon after Noelle's soccer game, she scored two goals before she came out with a stomach ache, the four of us went to our cabin. Jake, Scott and Noelle all went deer hunting. I stayed at the cabin to assemble furniture and greet my parents when they stopped by. Jake shot his first deer with a bow. Sorry if they are any anti-hunters out there. It is hard to explain the magic of being at our cabin. Currently there is no electricity and no running water, so it is just us and 40 acres and an amazing view. As we drove back to town for church I asked my husband if his family was this close when he was in high school. He shook his head and I had to say no also. My 15 year old son turned down a date to homecoming and came with us. That in itself is a great story. A junior asked him (I can hear you all now), but we decided to give him permission to go with some restrictions. He chose not to go when he decided she might be someone who would want to drink. Yeah, Jake!

Then Monday my sister called. Now my family has not been negative about the adoption but they have not been excited either. And we are an excitable family. This is such an answer to prayer. She said, "I have a word for you". I was like oh, great! She said, "No, it's a good one."
She proceeded to relay to me a conversation she had with her mentor. Her mentor and her husband had actually considered adopting from Liberia and knew many families that have. She was able to express to my sister that when we felt a call from God that we needed to obey "no matter what". (See previous post entitled Obedience.) She also was able to express to my sister the desperate situation in Liberia and that in many cases this is a rescue mission. Sometimes due to health and poverty, but always in that hopefully these children will be saved for eternity by being raised in a Christian home. Somehow my sister was able to hear these words when mine have failed me. PTL!!

I have started a new Beth Moore study entitled "A Woman's Heart". I want to share a couple "nuggets" from this week. She has been taking us from the garden to the tabernacle and especially looking at obedience. She says, "Abraham was freed to be faithful to God on the basis of his belief that God would always be faithful to him." Amen. Then she talks about God as the "I Am", or "I am being that I am being," or "I am the Is-ing One". She writes, "Whatever your circumstances, your challenges, your doubts, or your pain, if you are in covenant relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, the King of the universe is your Is-ing One and He's presently is-ing in every area of your life!"

I know I am jumping around here, but I have lots to share. If you need to open your heart to Africa, rent "God Grew Tired of Us" and/or read "Tears of the Rain". Both great pictures of the tragedy that has happened in Sudan and Liberia. It strikes me again and again that this is recent history not decades ago. People were evacuated from Liberia five years ago. "Tears of the Rain" gives specific stories of the many orphans or babies whose parents cannot possibly parent them. Wow.

Two more quick things. If you need funds for pursuing an adoption, Rachel and Christy, check out Their mission is to find funds for adoption. One of the people involved, Donna Barber, just left Acres of Hope to pursue this new venture. Apparently it is well worth the fee. Also, Scott and I leave tomorrow for a little getaway to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Please pray for Noelle, as she is convinced that she will surely perish without us. She is very dramatic and very clingy since a homesick episode at girl scout camp this summer. Pray for my parents as they watch them that she is not too tough on them.

Well, except for the fact that I really wish I had pictures to post, I guess that is it. Thank you Lord for this incredible season in my life!

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