Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas time is fun!

Santa gave us a coupon for Coldstone. Yummy!

Not so sure about this!

This is my new baby that Grandma Shirlee sent me. Honestly a coincidence that their clothes match perfectly.

Chillin' with Anna, who mommy says is going to be my best friend, and her daddy Matt.
Thanks Mike and Angie for having us over!
So, I have always loved Christmas. For all of the wonderful spiritual reasons, but also for the truly American Christmas lights, presents and Santa reasons. Suffice to say, it is at least double the fun having Sabrina here!! Ice cream, and presents and everything else through the eyes of a child for the first time...AWESOME!


Christy said...

She looks amazing!! Her face looks fuller already! Must be the ice cream! Eli was caught up on his vaccinations before he came home. Whew!

What a great Christmas this will be!!

Brandi said...

She is seriously too cute! What a fun thing for her first Christmas!