Monday, December 1, 2008

Days 2 and 3, in Ethiopia

Day 2: Was relatively calm. We gave Sabrina her first bath, which she screamed all the way through. However, her cry is very soft like one of a newborn so it wasn't too bad. We had our visit to the US embassy. We had a couple of small scares. One when they had trouble locating a document and then when they said, "her visa will be ready Friday morning". We said but we fly out Thursday night. They were able to accommodate us, so no problems there.
Day 3: Was very full. In the morning Christy, Noelle and I went shopping with Aduna and two other ladies from the guest house. As were unable to take the babies out and about. Scott stayed with Sabrina and Christy's son. It was hard to try and find all of the souveniers that we wanted in just a couple of hours, but we tried to do our best speed shopping. After we returned, we were able to deliver supplies to the Ahope orphanage. It was so fun to hang out with the kids and play soccer and they seemed to really enjoy the goody bags that we brought them. Later, we had a going away party at the Thomas Center. The kids sang to us and we celebrated with snacks. We were able to hand out goody bags to the kids there as well. We were given the gift of a traditional Ethiopian outfit for each member of our family. We were especially touched that they remembered Jake, who did not travel with us.
It was a little frustrating because we were not allowed to take photos of the kids who were waiting for the families. Knowing how much those photos mean, and having said we would take them was a bummer. After the party we were taken to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant with great food and traditional dancers. We were all very tired. Noelle slept through dinner, but it was lots of fun. Especially watching the white middle-aged tourists try to dance.
The other guests at the guest house kept asking what agency we were with. CHI did a wonderful job of escorting us throughout the week. They were great about trying to meet any requests that we had.

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Brandi said...

Ok, that close up of her laying down is DARN CUTE! What a blessing she is!