Monday, December 1, 2008

Emotions run strong!

Nutella, yummy!

Traffic was horrible, and this multi car accident on the way to Nazret was scary.
Sabrina's nanny at KVI

The livestock in the road, both in Addis and Nazret made me laugh.

Thursday we made the trip to Nazret. Nazret is where Sabrina was in KVI orphanage for about eight months. We were able to bring donations and hand out goody bags to the kids. The kids were at school when we got there and then came in for lunch. Christy had a sponsor child in Nazret that we were able to visit. Though it was very difficult, we were pleased to be able to meet Sabrina's birth mom. I am so happy to be able to tell her a more detailed story some day. The drive back to Addis Ababa was full of many thoughts.
Once back, we had to pack and leave for the airport. The guest house had a coffee ceremony that night, but we were kind of in and out preparing to leave.

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