Friday, December 19, 2008

What a privilege!

Playing with Jakey

She is so photogenic!

For us? Our neighbor had a luncheon to welcome Sabrina. The Christmas tree centerpiece was a gift for Sabrina and everything was pink! The platter in front is sandwiches with pink bread!

The day after I got home, chillin' with Jake and cousin Elizabeth.
It is such a privilege to parent each one of our children, but I do feel like we won the adoption lottery. Please no one take offense. Sabrina is just so amazing. I can not believe how she has adapted. She is unbelievably personable. She flirts with everyone. Her eyes are absolutely incredible and they speak volumes. At least 90% of the time she is happy. She loves to talk and interact. She is drawing our family together. We haven't eaten this many meals together in I don't know how long. Each one of us love to be with Sabrina, so I have no shortage of helpers!
We had our doctor's appointment last Friday. I was pleased to find an International Adoption specialist in Iowa City. We will be driving there for awhile. Poor Sabrina had six immunizations, a TB test, blood draw and urine bag. Yuck! And we were there for almost five hours before all was said and done. So far, we have discovered that she is anemic. Some of the test results are not back yet. Sabrina is less than 3% for height and weight, but 14% for head circumference. It's all those brains! Actually regarding malnutrition, the doctor said that weight goes first, then height and lastly head circumference. So the body naturally (by God's design) protects the brain.
Our computer has been down, that's why I've been so long between posts. Hopefully, I can keep up a little better now. We are so looking forward to the holidays. Our Christmas break started early, as the kids had a snow day today. Yeah! Our family photos are being taken on Tuesday evening, I can't wait.


Jillienne said...

She looks wonderful, and her eyes are beautiful!! It's great that everything is going so well. Thanks for posting more pictures!

Merry Christmas!


Brandi said...

You guys have the CUTEST clothes for Sabrina! I want her wardrobe!

Hey, where is the family pic?