Monday, December 1, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Decked out for our first car seat ride
Scott's cousin, Amy, greeted us at the Chicago airport.

Chillin' in the airplane

It tastes best when I feed myself.
It felt like a bad case of planes, trains (shuttles) and automobiles. 17 hours Addis to DC, 2 hours DC to Chicago, and four and a half hours from there to Waterloo. We were unable to sit together on the long flight. But Scott had to sit next to some kids that were having a much tougher adjustment than Sabrina. Noelle was wonderful help on the flight and the entire week. Sabrina has just been fabulous.
We are all very tired today. It is Monday evening. We have been home about three days. It is not yet 8:00 and Noelle and Sabrina are out for the night. Hopefully, I will be joining them soon. I still can't believe that our journey to bring her home is over. I am looking forward to each step in our journey as a family!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!! I've been waiting and stalking your blog to see how things went. Sabrina is just BEAUTIFUL. And I'm just so happy things went so well for you.
Once you're caught up on sleep, I may have some questions for you, as we hope to be following your steps soon. Praying the adjustment continues to go so well!

S and K said...

YAY! WELCOME HOME! Can you believe the long road to her has brought you back home again!
Praise the LORD!

So excited!

Clive and Dawn said...

OOh Diane! I wasn't getting updates to your blog!! I am so excited for you that Sabrina is finally home! She is beautiful! She is how old now? I am thinking 14mths right? She SO reminds me of when we picked up Yohannes, he was 14mths. I can't wait to follow your story!!!

Brandi said...

Yeah!!!! She is so GORGEOUS!

I can't wait to read more! I hate that your blog doesn't let me add it to my google reader bc it means I missed all the fun.

Love you,

Tanya said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

How great! I'm so happy for you! What a long, wild ride, but your baby came home! She's beeyootiful!!! Congratulations!