Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lyme Update

Did I mention my mom and dad have both been diagnosed with Lyme? This is crazy. In a couple hours Noelle and I will head to Columbia, Missouri to visit Dr. Crist for our second visit. Noelle's access to others struggling with Lyme through the internet has been a tremendous blessing but also a source of great questioning. More so for her than me. Every patient, every doctor, every course of treatment is different. She wants to know she is getting the best shot at healing. So we are looking for confirmation that Dr. Crist is the best route.

Also, I am looking for Noelle to be motivated to follow all the recommendations. She does a great job with eating gluten-free. In fact, she hardly eats anything which isn't good. Her stomach is perpetually upset. Which is why she never wants to take the recommended medicines and supplements:( I feel strongly, from what I have read, that taking all of them would eventually be very beneficial. But she needs to believe that. I can't force feed her.

She is doing great with the online classes she is taking through our local high school. She has gone to class about once a week. She is on track to complete the eight credits she needs this semester to be on track to graduate on time. She is awesome!

Changing the world

I want to change the world. I suppose I have, one life at a time. Sabrina's, Teme's, their families. The three kids we sponsor through Compassion International and World Vision. The youth kids I have tried to mentor over the years. But through the world of adoption I have been blessed enough to meet some amazing people who are changing the world lots of people at a time. Villages, see Children in Ethiopia living with AIDS, see And now my wonderful friend Brandi is spreading her wings.
She is devoting her time and energy to raising funds to come alongside organizations whose goal is to free those in slavery. All around the world people are involved in sex trafficking. They need to be rescued. Please take the time to check out her new site and consider coming along side those in this battle. I have met Brandi and spent time with her. I have known her for over five years now. I absolutely recommend her as and amazing and devoted women who will make a change!!


1. Having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese
2. Plump; well-fed

Large or bulky of body; portly; stout; fat

I want off the diet roller coaster. I have been up and down so many times. I have read that you should be able to maintain your college weight. That is 60 pounds less than I weigh right now. Unbelievable. I would be happy with 40 pounds less. I get it together for a few days and then I fall apart again.

I know I am an emotional/stress eater. So I am trying to connect with Lysa Terkeurst's book "Made to Crave". It talks about how God made us to crave. We need to choose to crave God rather than food. Does this really work for anyone, other than Lysa? When I am stressed I offer up a popcorn prayer and grab some food. I am supposed to be eating gluten-free due to the Lyme. Scott keeps telling me if I eat gluten-free I will lose weight. Not so much. There are actually great gluten-free convenience foods and I know how to cook. And too much of anything isn't good. I need to find the full/off button. I need to exercise.

Speaking of which, I actually like to exercise. But it takes time and, more importantly, energy. Which is a scarcity right now.

Back to Lysa's book...she doesn't really say that overeating (being fat) is a sin. She does say it is a lack of self-control. Hard to argue with that. And self-control is definitely seen as a good thing in the Bible, God's word.

Galatians 5:22 and 23a, "But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, He will produce in us: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."

So the Holy Spirit is apparently not controlling my life. Ouch. I have lived in self-controlled ways, for a time. I ate vegan for 8 months. I looked and felt amazing. I ran a half marathon (the year I turned 40). I did 3 sprint triathlons. But then I always fall apart. The fall usually starts with stress. Well the last 2 years have been full of stress.

I don't know where I am going with all of this. Any ideas? Let me know. I want off the roller coaster.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Great success!

Noelle made it through the whole day!  She was exhausted afterwards:)  She has friends in two of her classes and the academy is doing a great job of accommodating her needs.  For example, they are letting her have study hall in one of their rooms rather than take additional stairs to the regular room.  All in all, it went great.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yeah, school!

That may not be the way Noelle is feeling, but she is going back to school tomorrow.  This will be the first time she has attended classes since October.  We decided to move Noelle back to her former school.  They have a great online program designed for students that need flexibility.  Her counselor is confident she will still be able to graduate next May.  Pretty awesome considering she has had to drop classes every year of high school.  The Plato program allows Noelle to work from home.  She only has to be at school for those classes on days when she has exams.  She is taking one "regular" class.  Her counselor was amazingly able to arrange that class so that Noelle has it with her good friend!  Pray that everything will go perfectly tomorrow.  Pray especially for Noelle's pain, anxiety and fatigue!!!  Thanks so much.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Cutest Sheep Ever!

I haven't updated forever.  What's new.  Christmas was good.  Scott's sister, Christy and her family joined us.  I think it went well until the very end.  I definitely put my foot in my mouth and caused hurt feelings.  Hopefully someday I will learn to think before I speak.  Hopefully, I will be forgiven.

After that unfortunate event, we tried to spend some time with my family Christmas night ,as opposed to Christmas Eve.  However, Noelle has been struggling with extreme anxiety this month and she and I ended up coming back home.  Through her Lyme support system she has learned that the antibiotic she is on often causes emotional issues.  Her prayer is that she is clearing out the Lyme stashed in her brain!  Amen to that!

Sabrina tuckered out by Christmas.  The cute afghan is from Aunt Christy
and Scott's mom, Shirlee.  Shirlee started the blanket before she went to be with Jesus in
the fall of 2009.  Christy has worked so hard to finish this blanket for
Sabrina.  Also shown is Sabrina's American Girl doll.  That was her big gift
from us.  Maybe should have waited a year or two, time will tell.

Can't believe it is 2013!  Absolutely crazy.  We rang in the New Year with our besties, Matt and Elke.  I even got to play Jenga Truth or Dare.  Who knew there was such a thing!  I  learned my life hasn't been that boring;)

Jake is doing great at his job answering calls for Toro.  Perfect attendance in December.  It is great to see him take pride in his work.  He still loves to play Magic, the card game.

Noelle is having some days with less pain.  She has played a couple indoor soccer games.  Which, I think, simultaneously makes her feel normal and frustrates her because her performance is not where she wants it to be.  She generally has pain-filled days after she plays but feels it is worth it.  We are planning to schedule a half day of school for this semester. If all goes well she will start back to school next Monday for afternoons. Please pray for the scheduling process and pray especially for Noelle.  She is quite anxious since she hasn't attended school since September.

Teme is having a great wrestling season!  He will try to qualify for a state meet this Sunday in a regional event.  I got an email from his teacher today saying what a great attitude he had today!!  I can't imagine how hard it has been to take in everything he has had to learn and adjust to in the last two and a half years!

It looks like he may have wrestled the 5th/6th grade division in this tournament.
He is starting to wrestle mostly 7th/8th grade.

Then there is Sabrina.  Can I just say WOW!  She went back to school on Thursday.  Which was great because I needed back up.  I love you Miss Smits. I am helping in her classroom a couple hours a week which is great for both of us! We decided to take a break from gymnastics but she is still taking two hours of dance a week.  She loves Hip Hop. 

Gee if I don't ever get out a Christmas/New Years letter I will just have to use this.

Scott and I have had our ups and downs.  Marriage is tough.  Life is tough.  But man this weekend was great!  We have a favorite getaway place just 15 minutes away and Scott surprised me and took me away for the night.  We sooooo needed it!  Two are definitely better than one!!!!

So I think that updates you on the mess of our lives.  God is good.