Thursday, March 20, 2014

A day in our life

5:22 a.m., I receive a text from a friend suggesting I need to update my blog. FYI: Arizona is two hours behind Iowa!

9:45, Our day starts at Envita

First stop, the vitals chair.

Next stop, the treatment room. Envita has six treatment rooms. Three of them are semi-private, and three are community rooms. Today we are in room four, a community room.

As the day progresses the seats will fill. A woman from Canada, nearing the end of her treatment for cancer. She is here with a friend. A woman from Arizona, with Lyme, here with her son. A woman from Massachusetts, also, with Lyme.

Two of her multi-colored IV bags. The yellow one is a Hydrogen Peroxide treatment that will potentially make Noelle smell like creamed corn and makes her very nauseous. The pink one is for the chelation of her high lead levels.

Last treatment of the day is the sauna. Great for detoxification. We are set for Scott and Sabrina to pick us up at 1:45. Four hours of treatment today. We head back to our home away from home. I fix Noelle toast and make myself a salad. Noelle's legs begin to fill with extreme pain. Later her migraine will rage. These pains are not worse than she had at home. We have heard the fourth and fifth weeks are the worst. We decide to eat in.

Yummy gluten- free pizza! Noelle orders gluten-free, dairy- free "cheese" bread. Not quite so yummy. Noelle is doing great on her gluten- free, dairy- free, sugar- free, organic diet! I promised her that as soon as Scott and Sabrina head home I will do better about joining her. Scott is a bad influence. In fact, he found a great ice cream place just around the corner from where we are staying.

The girls all had sorbet…Strawberry for Noelle and Sabrina and Watermelon for mom. Scott splurged on a Turtle sundae, recommended by Alton Brown of the Food Network. Sweet Republic has many awards.

Scott says he's going back tomorrow. Told you he was a bad influence. So now it is 8:30 here in Scottsdale. Noelle is trying to rest. Sabrina and I are watching Frozen. Scott is watching basketball. And so ends Noelle's fifth day of treatment. Approximately 35 more to go.


Karen Cloyd said...

Thank you for sharing a day in your life. I am praying for you both.

Judy Christian said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! Can't imagine all you are going through. Praying that your time there is not just a time of survival with her- but a really refreshing break from your normal routine.