Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Scott and Sabrina arrived on Saturday. It is so nice to see them. Though, as usual, balancing the needs of two very different girls can be interesting. Saturday night after their arrival we went out for a nice dinner, then took Sabrina swimming.

Noelle is trying to cut out sugar but we figured if we all shared a dessert it barely counted. This was chocolate covered cheesecake. It even had edible gold drizzled on top!

Sunday morning we went to the Sealife Aquarium. Very relaxing, something we all enjoy!

Noelle was fascinated with the sea turtles and who doesn't love pink jellyfish!

Sabrina had fun at the aquarium but has loved the pool! I promise to get a picture of her in her new swimsuit.

Sunday night we had the pleasure of having dinner at the home of some old friends. My roommate from college! It was wonderful to catch up and we had a delicious dinner. Not used to southwest architecture Sabrina said their house looked like a sand castle. Unfortunately Noelle did not feel well enough to join us.

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