Friday, March 14, 2014

Her treatment has begun

Yesterday we met Noelle's doctor. We really liked him. He is a naturapathic doctor. He has put together Noelle's treatment plan for the next 8 weeks.

I will try and explain some of them. Oxybosh is a method of oxygenating the blood. Chelation is to rid the body of toxins. In Noelle's case, she has high lead levels. The IPAC is a method of opening the blood/brain barrier so that the antibiotics can reach the Lyme in the brain. Insulin is actually injected via her PICC line. This causes her glucose to drop. The barrier opens to seek glucose and the antibiotics go in! Pretty cool. Doxycycline and Rocephin are her intravenous antibiotics. IVC is actually vitamin C to support her immune system. MSP is Silver which supports her immune system and helps with detoxification. H2O2 is Hydrogen Peroxide which is anti-viral (some Lyme co-infections are viral) and able to penetrate the blood/brain barrier. I honestly don't quite understand the biological injections, other than that they are custom for Noelle based on things her body is lacking. The infrared sauna is for detox. Noelle is very excited about that one. We actually have one at home but she has been able to use it due to her PICC line. Apparently this sauna functions at a lower temperature so that she can us it. She is however unable to use the Ozone sauna. The Vertibrum therapy is a chiropractic treatment designed to check for structural issues and be sure that all pathways are open for healing.

It is amazing and overwhelming!! Noelle is very nervous but excited. She has read about many of these treatments.

After her appointment yesterday we felt we deserved a treat! Noelle and I are big Cupcake Wars fans. Candace, one of the judges, opened the first cupcakery. One of her locations is in Scottsdale. So we had gluten-free and Red Velvet cupcakes at Sprinkles.

Today was Noelle's first treatment day. First they did some blood work. Then she started her infusions. They did not start her antibiotic today. She had the oxygen, silver, Biological and vitamin infusions. We also purchased her supplements. Eating healthy and taking supplements are a big part of the plan. We are trying to focus on organic fruits vegetable and meats. We are trying to avoid gluten, dairy and sugar. Ouch!!

Everyone we have met has been wonderful and has assured us that we are in the right place for treatment. Noelle does not have treatment on the weekends. Scott and Sabrina arrive tomorrow to spend their Spring Break with us. Yeah! It will be so fun.

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