Sunday, March 30, 2014


Thursday: Noelle did not have a good day, especially emotionally. Her anxiety was out of control so we did not make it in to Envita for treatment. We did make it out that evening for supper. We had great burgers, with gluten free buns, at Rehab Burger.

Friday: Noelle had a great day of treatment. We did adjust the level of her Vitamin C due to the fact that she felt very ill after that treatment on Wednesday.

On Tuesday and Thursdays there are enough patients that there are actually assigned treatment rooms. We pretty much stay in the same room each time. One of the other patients in our room finished her treatment on Friday. She was cured of Ovarian Cancer! Her PET scan is clear! We will miss her, she was a ray of sunshine. She will be coming for maintenance doses and we will still be here in May when she comes back for her first maintenance dose. After hearing about some patients who come back for maintenance doses I asked Noelle's doctor if we should expect that for her. He said no.

Saturday: Pretty laid back day. I wake up pretty early; usually by 6:30. Probably because we go to bed early as well. Noelle sleeps later than I do so I started exercising in the morning. I have been either walking or swimming. The shoes that I brought have given me horrible blisters. So we found a sporting goods store, definitely not Scheels. Luckily, I found a self-confessed "shoe-nerd" who helped me find a new pair of shoes. Throw in a pair of goggles and a clearance Roxy purse for Noelle and we were good to go.

I have mentioned the diet we are trying to maintain, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, organic, and grass fed when appropriate. Well, everyone needs a cheat day. Saturdays have unofficially become our treat day. The first week was Sprinkles cupcakes, the second week was gluten free cheesecake from the farmer's market. This week was gelato!

It is described as a dessert lounge. How awesome! Noelle stayed with the cheesecake theme, and that is the flavor she chose. I was seriously tempted by the Adult Shakes, but chose a Mango gelato. Maybe next time!

And, today: I got up and swam, then listened to my home church service online. I actually listened outside since Noelle was still sleeping and I didn't have access to headphones. Noelle's stomach is pretty upset today. We did make a quick trip to Whole Foods. This afternoon she rested and I cross-stitched.

Not very exciting, I know. But this is it right now. I know some of Noelle's friends think that she is on vacation. That is certainly not the case. This is survival/healing mode.

Tomorrow Noelle starts the IPAC (Insulin) treatment. Please pray for her. Every new treatment brings with it its own set of side effects. This is directly treating the neurological Lyme so I would expect her emotions to be directly effected. Please continue to pray the her stomach can handle all of these treatments. So proud of her! She made it through week one of Flagyl, the oral antibiotic I mentioned earlier. It is a week on/week off.


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