Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Prayer and Fasting

Acts 13:3, "So after more fasting and prayer, the men laid their hands on them and sent them on their way."

One week from today Noelle and I will embark on our very important trip to Arizona. We feel that we have been called to pray and fast before we leave. Monday, March 10th we will be fasting. If you would feel led to do that with us, it would be truly appreciated.

Noelle's top two immediate prayer requests, other than healing, are: 1. For travel, especially comfort and anxiety. Honestly she rarely spends more than an hour out of bed at a time, so it will be a long day even if things go perfectly. Pray especially for pain control.
2. She is asking for prayer that the place that we are staying will have comfortable beds. Since she is so uncomfortable this is very important!

Before we leave on this trip, we have another trip to make. My grandmother is turning 100! So we are traveling to Lincoln to celebrate with family. This is about a five hour trip. This will be difficult for Noelle also. Similar requests for this trip. I would add that it would be a good family time. We will take two cars to increase Noelle's comfort and give us more flexibility. Generally we drive boys and girls. Pray that Noelle and I would be able to have a pleasant time with Sabrina. I feel like this is especially important since our time together is limited. Noelle and Sabrina have basically opposite needs. Noelle prefers quiet, not so much for the six year old:) We will all need patience!

Thanks, as always, for your prayers!


Paula said...

Praying for Noelle!

Ephrain Acfalle said...

We continue to keep you all in prayer. praying that all will go as comfortably as possible for Noelle.