Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doctor's Appointment

We will meet with the Doctor at Envita every two weeks. Today we had our first follow-up appointment. We reviewed some of the test results that have come in. We learned many important things. Noelle's immune system is operating at a level that is good for the state of her chronic illness. The Doctor is confident that Noelle will get better!

We did discover that Noelle is fighting two other chronic infections. She has Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV 6). Not related to the sexually transmitted Herpes virus. This virus if very common in children under 2. For Noelle, it has become chronic and persistent. The Hydrogen Peroxide and Vitamin C infusions Noelle is receiving will cover this infection. Noelle also has a bacterial infection called Mycroplasma Pneumoniae. This infection is both active and chronic. The antibiotics Noelle is on will cover this infection as well.

We are still waiting for the results of Noelle's Lyme co-infection test results. She was tested for Babesiosa and Ehrilchosis.

Noelle tested low in Potassium. This is a result of the medication that she is taking to correct the pressure in her head that was causing vision issues and optic nerve issues. She also tested very low in Vitamin D. Preferred levels are above 60, her's was 19. She will be adding both Potassium and Vitamin D supplements to her already vast regime of medicines and supplements.

Noelle has been experiencing more nausea than usual. This is most likely due to the treatments themselves, especially Vitamin C and the Hydrogen Peroxide. The Hydrogen Peroxide is pretty awful, it is the one I described earlier that gives a bad taste and even makes the patients' emit an odor through their pores following treatment. The doctor prescribed a nausea patch today, so we will try that tomorrow.

Since Sunday, Noelle has also experienced more emotional symptoms. This is very much a part of the neurological Lyme which we are battling. Please pray against the anxiety and depression, a general feeling of not being in control of one's emotions.

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