Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Care packages!

Noelle and I are both encouraged by the notes and packages we have received! So wonderful to know that we are thought of and prayed for! Such a great distraction on days, like today, when the pain is bad!

My mom sent a great package with lots of fun stuff. We decorated Noelle's room with the Lyme pom-poms. She even found a super cute pink purse and the brand is NOELLE (even spelled "correctly"). How fun is that!

Aunt Karen sent a cuddly Build-A-Bear Bunny! Noelle is happy to have someone to cuddle with since she didn't pack Squishy, her cuddly zebra from home. She has dubbed her bunny Mrs. Squishy:)

We appreciate your continued prayers. This battle is tough. We made it in for treatment today but it ended up being mostly pain control. Noelle was frustrated because emotionally she felt like she could handle the longer treatment day that was planned, but her pain was just out of control.

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