Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week Six

Monday and Tuesday: Pretty regular treatment days. Though Noelle did have her first chiropractic treatment. He found major swelling in the lymph nodes on the right side of her face. Though it is a rough treatment, definitely a step up from regular chiropractic treatments, Noelle handled it well and did not seem to have any horrible pain afterward. Tuesday after treatment we stopped by Lush for a treat for a day well done. She picked out a face mask and two bath bombs:)

Wednesday: Not a good day. We did not make it to treatment. Pain and anxiety.

Thursday: We made it to treatment but Noelle was still not feeling well, especially nauseous. So we elected not to do the Hydrogen Peroxide and Vitamin C treatments. They are the treatments that upset her stomach the most.

Friday: Pretty good treatment day. Had a followup appointment with the Doctor. Based on the fact that Noelle is still struggling so much they are going to change up her antibiotic(s). I realized when I got back that he did not say which one(s) he was changing. I am sure we will find out Monday when we come for treatment.

The neurotransmitter test results were not back yet. He expects to get those results next week. He thinks this may be a key to Noelle's treatment.

We brought lists of Noelle's medications and supplements and asked if there were any that could drop off the list. She is having a hard time keeping up with them all. There were two supplements that she may stop taking.

We decided to extend her IPAC (insulin) treatments for another week. They were supposed to end on Friday. Since this is not a treatment we can do at home and Noelle has many neurological Lyme symptoms, I want to make sure that we take full advantage of this treatment.

It looks like May 15th will most likely be the day we return to Iowa. So we started to discuss "home care". We will have a home care nurse that will call us weekly for a month. She will help with the transition and be our bridge with our doctor. Noelle will go home with mostly supplements. This will allow her body to recover from all the antibiotics and other treatments. Many patients start to feel much better when they get those out of their symptoms. At this point is pretty hard to tell what are side effects of treatment and what are Lyme symptoms.

I have been surprised that Noelle did not test positive for more co-infections. I thought that would explain her extreme reaction to Lyme. I asked the doctor if the things that we have discovered (Lyme, HHV-6, Mycroplasma Pneumoinea, and Candida) explain all her symptoms and the severity of them. He said yes. He said Lyme alone would explain everything that Noelle is experiencing.

Lyme is scary. Protect yourself and your family. And if you discover you have been bitten. Please get a 30 day course of Doxycycline within 24 hours of discovery.

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