Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We are not in Iowa!

I am missing Spring in Iowa. Though apparently it has been a rough one so far. This past weekend in Waterloo it was 80 degrees on Saturday, had five inches of rain on Sunday, then snow on Monday morning. Wow. Scott said we had some flooding in our basement. I so miss the transition of temperatures, the flowers and smells. I have seen only one person mowing a lawn here. Basically there are not lawns. I have been trying to appreciate Spring in Arizona.

These are one of my favorite plants here. I love that they are orange. I would take some of these in my yard.

Flowering cactus!

Not a very good picture but this is a very full orange tree in someone's yard! That would be fun.

No idea what this means? All these pictures are from my morning walk. I don't have a very good phone so it is hard to take pictures. There are small mountains surrounding Scottsdale that I can see on my walk as well.

This is a beautiful sunset over the mountains one night when we returned from a drive.

I almost forgot the birds! I have not seen one robin, bluejay or cardinal. But when I go for walks there are quail everywhere!

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