Friday, April 4, 2014

Same old, same old

I have had lots of people ask for an update. Here goes. Most days are the same. We go to the clinic. We come back to the hotel. She lays in bed to rest and I sit in the office chair next to her bed. We watch TV: Law & Order, NCIS, Food Network, and we finally got TLC to work. Right now we are watching the Duggars. Noelle likes her room dim so I cannot really read or do cross-stitch in here. When she is really anxious she does not want me to leave the room, sometimes even to get something she wants/needs. Anxiety has been worse than pain this week. Both of them are hard to manage. We have been trying homeopathics. She has Oxycodone for pain and Clonazapem for anxiety but we consider them "emergency" drugs to use every few days, not every day.

Wednesday night she did have a burst of energy, we went to the mall for a bit. It was the first time we have walked around a mall without a wheelchair in a long time! She didn't last super long, but it is always good to do something "normal" once in a while.

This is Noelle's favorite! We got her a couple of bath bombs. I got a fancy seaweed mask!

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