Saturday, April 26, 2014


This is getting really long. Being here. I miss my family, friends, house, ice maker, filtered water….. I miss a lot of things from my life and Noelle's.

Please keep Noelle in your prayers. May will be a rough month. Think of all the things that seniors normally do this time of year and remember all that Noelle is missing and will have to battle through:( Tough stuff.

Another thing we found out during our appointment on Friday is that one of the patients that Noelle has received treatment alongside passed away. It is so sad. His name was Terry. He loved his wife and kids so much. He loved to talk about them. He was finishing up treatment for cancer. His death had nothing to do with Envita. He died from a complication from his cancer surgery.

I need to value every day. Even as we sit day after day in this room. We are here. We have each other. Kiss your loved ones.

Over and over I am being told to be thankful. Lord, help me to praise you in the midst of all of this. Help me to see your blessings. Help me to learn what you want me to learn.

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Kelli Meyers said...

Just got done praying for you and noelle. You all are fighting the fight and seeking God. When we are weak He is always strong!