Thursday, April 17, 2014

Test results

We received a couple more test results today. Noelle is clear of parasites but has two types of yeast, Candida albicans and Candida glabrata. This is not super surprising since she has been on antibiotics almost non-stop since September of 2012. This could be causing, or contributing to, her stomach upset. She also tested high for T/AT complexes. Which means she has thick blood, prone to clotting. We already were aware this was an issue as my family carries Factor V, a blood clotting gene. Noelle's Lyme doctor, in Missouri, had previously wanted to treat her with Heparin. We are unable to use Heparin because of the possibility of a (genetic) reaction. That is what caused Scott's mom's stroke.

She has been put on additional supplements and a prescription to address these issues. She is now on so many supplements and prescriptions that she really cannot keep up, especially with her unending stomach upset. I intend to make a list of all that she is taking and have the doctor prioritize them at her next appointment. We will also further discuss the new test results at that time.

This week has been up and down with symptoms and treatments. Tuesday was a very rough day pain wise. It was basically the equivalent of an E.R. visit. She got pain medicine and extra fluids, then we headed back to the hotel to rest. Yesterday and today were fairly good treatment days. Currently she is not feeling well at all. Headache, body pain, nausea…just crummy feeling.

Today Noelle was supposed to start the chiropractic treatment that is recommended with treatment. It is actually described as manipulative surgery. It is meant to open the pathways between the vertebrae. This should ensure that detoxification occurs. She was unable to start that treatment today. Four hours of IV treatment, five days a week is a lot. If you could join me in praying: if this treatment is crucial in her treatment that she would have the energy, patience, endurance, peace of mind to start and continue the treatment!

We are both excited that this is a three day weekend. Envita is staffed by mostly Christian doctors so they are closed tomorrow. And tomorrow Jake arrives to spend Easter with us!! It is a short trip, about 48 hours, but we are so excited. We are praying that Noelle will feel well enough to enjoy some activity. But we also know that Jake is so mellow that he will be content with anything.

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