Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some weekend fun.

We try to get out a little on the weekends. So this is what we did last weekend:

Friday Noelle and I had massages. Totally medically necessary;) And I couldn't let her go alone! And, no, I am not into cat videos! This just made me smile.

Saturday night was movie night. We found a fun movie place that serves dinner. Pretty good movie, though I wish I knew enough to recognize more of the people appearing as themselves. Noelle looked so pretty for our date;)

Sunday, I was having an anxious day, but Noelle drug me to the Culinary festival! We had a nice time. Noelle was able to walk which was very enjoyable. We had yummy food: Corn on the cob with bacon butter, Indian food, Gourmet burgers, gelato, and cheesecake brownies! All taste size!

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