Sunday, May 11, 2014


Feeling so blessed to day! Hated being away from the rest of my family, but my little girl treated me like a queen!

Presents from Lush, of course!

I beautiful scarf that says thank you in many languages.

The yummiest smelling hand lotion, with proceeds going to Ethiopia!

Then she gave me a wonderful pedicure:) And I reciprocated. We used all the fun spa things that Teri and Char sent to us. (Thanks again ladies.) By the way, in a pinch you can do a foot soak in a dutch oven. Probably best for sizes 9 and under.

We decided to do a late lunch/early supper. We went to a fantastic restaurant with a huge menu! Scottsdale Station. We first went when Scott and Sabrina were here. We still had the brunch menu so I got the Crab Benedict, with an included glass of champagne. Noelle was so excited to have the Filet she had had previously. Unfortunately there were some issues but the manager comped her meal so that was amazing. Then they have bite sized desserts so we shared cheesecake, lemon tart and carrot cake!

Next up, a trip to World Market. We had never been there but we will definitely be going back! Apparently they have one in Des Moines. So much fun!

Apparently Noelle thinks she will be baking in her apartment in the fall. She wanted to buy everything in the store, so we will definitely be shopping there again later in the summer.

Table runner for my dining room table. Maybe it will distract people from the hole in my wall. (From fixing the leaking pipe. I think they are actually repairing it this week.)

So truly a great day! Love my babies!


Janet Bollinger said...

Did you go for treatment at Spongle or Envita? I would like to know your opinion. Thank you!!!

Diane Larson said...

Hoping that you see this. You can email me with more questions. We took our daughter to Envita. We are very pleased with the results and figure she is 80% improved! Has not used a wheelchair since April. Has not had antibiotics since the beginning of May. Moved into her own apartment a couple of weeks ago after missing her entire senior year!