Thursday, May 1, 2014


Apparently, yes. While Noelle and I have been in Arizona Scott has been fighting a battle with our house. I am not sure who is winning. By all accounts Scott is putting up a valiant fight. There has been a broken window, broken washing machine, water leak in Teme's room. And now mold. Yuck! Unfortunately the cause is a leak in a pipe that runs from our attic to our basement. The repair has involved opening my dining room wall, ripping out the basement tub and tile, and beginning the removal of the carpet in our basement. To eliminate some further risk we (Scott and his buddy, Brent) will be removing all of the carpet in the basement and staining the concrete rather than replacing it. We will also be replacing the tub and tile with a one piece unit to limit further risk. Thanks to everyone that is helping with this project!

Obviously mold is horrible for your health and we don't know what part this may have played in Noelle's illness. Her room was in the basement for quite a while, right where all of this mold has been discovered. We are very happy that we are not at home during the remediation process. Hopefully things will be in a good place by the time we return. (May 14th! Hallelujah!)

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Thomas Eberhard said...

Hi Diane! How is your home doing now? I do hope you got all the mold out. Molds can really be a threat to one's household, especially if you have kids. If those leaking pipes were the cause of the mold infection and all those troubles, maybe you need to have them checked by a plumber. Take care!
Thomas Eberhard @ Brewer Restoration