Thursday, May 1, 2014

Treatment week

Monday: Woke up with tremors. Very scary. Prayed against seizures and received valium at the clinic. Noelle never did develop full seizures. Thank you, Jesus! Thanks to everyone who prayed for her. I am very nervous about this happening while we are here. After treatment, she unfortunately fought a very upset stomach all afternoon and evening.

Tuesday: We did not make it in for treatment. Never really sure what combination of emotional and physical symptoms collide to make her unable to go. Later in the day she said her body just couldn't take any more.

Wednesday: Decent treatment day, an IPAC day (insulin treatment).

Thursday: Prom day! In the midst of all the celebrating Noelle had two new treatments today. This was the first day for her new antibiotic. They stopped her Doxycycline and started Zithromax. This upset her stomach severely and had to be administered very slowly. I am guessing it took an hour and a half for the bag. She also started an amino acid treatment. I am assuming this is in response to her neurotransmitter test. However, no one has told us the results of the test so I will have to pursue the details tomorrow. She had her third chiropractic treatment today.

She just told me she wanted to cut her head off and rip out her stomach, so I don't think she is feeling very well right now:(

Friday: Should be our last IPAC treatment. Will be checking into the neurotransmitter test results.

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