Friday, May 30, 2014

Stop the ride...

we want to get off!

Thanks for your continued prayers. The flight home went as well as it could have. We were met at the airport by Scott, Sabrina and my sister, Karen. They came bearing a sign, flowers and balloons! We arrived home to more balloons and Noelle's room all decorated! Grandma and Grandpa, Jake and Teme welcomed us home.

The first two and a half days were great. Noelle drove for the first time in a long time! We attended Sabrina's patriotic program and our first graduation open houses of the season. But by Saturday evening Noelle was in tremendous pain.

I think readjusting to the chaos of home has been difficult for both of us. The backward/forward progress of trying to become asymptomatic has been frustrating. As always, the emotional symptoms are harder to handle than the physical. Honestly, we are both dealing with anxiety and depression. Noelle is continuing to implement the supplement program that was suggested with her neurotransmitter testing. I have decided it is time for some counseling. Seven years of dealing with chronic illness and two adoptions may be taking me over the edge.

Friday, the 6th, will be our first telephone follow up with Noelle's doctor from Arizona. Noelle is definitely doing better than before we left. We have been telling people 20% better. She has not used the wheel chair for at least a month. She spends more time up and around than before. Her pain leaves more quickly than it did before treatment. Her emotional symptoms are worse, more akin to what they were when she was younger. We followed up with her neurologist earlier this week and she said the pressure has decreased. Noelle does have to continue on the medication and we will follow up again in three months. Currently she is fighting a bad cold which is not very welcome.

Noelle has been able to do some school work! She completed one of the eleven credits she has left. YEAH! She also applied for an apartment in the fall. She is so ready to be independent. We are all praying that she is assigned great roommates and that her symptoms will allow her to live comfortably on her own.

And so the ride continues!

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